Beginning Of Season Update

It’s that time again; the main ETF2L season has arrived!





Before I take you through what divisions our teams are going to be entering in this competition, below is a list of who has joined and left the community since my last report. We of course thank those who have left the community for their efforts during their time with us.

Roster/Team Changes

Team Colonslash: Reditio

IN:  Spence

IN: Miek

IN: Nmd

IN: Spelling

LEFT: Dusty Lens

Team Colonslash: Shine

IN: Oxy

IN: Markosen

IN: Marik

IN: Reservoir Dog

IN: Kortz

IN: Dodgy

IN: Gladdy            


Team Colonslash: Lemmings

IN: Misregulated

Team Colonslash: Fest!

No roster changes.

Team Colonslash: Classy

IN: Belial

IN: Switchan

IN: Rts                  

Team Colonslash: Starcraft

IN: Harky

IN: Phoenix

IN: Zealos 

So since my last update we have seen the folding of one of our teams, Team Colonslash: Pokemon. We wish all of their members the best of luck in the future; it was pleasant meeting you all.

However! With teams folding, this has allowed us to bring in some fresh blood! As you of course already know we have a reformed version of  Team Colonslash: Classy and my very own new team Team Colonslash: Shine joining us. Hope everyone involved has a long and successful stay with TC.


With not much in the form of competitions recently over the christmas period there isn’t much to report here. However two of our teams managed to obtain some trophies for the following:

Team Colonslash: Shine for 3rd place 3rd: One Night Cup: Foundry! MID

Team Colonslash: Reditio for 3rd place 3rd: One Night Cup: Foundry! LOW

ETF2L Season 11

So back to Season 11 now with our teams aspirations at hand!

Our teams have applied for the following divisions this season:

Team Colonslash: Reditio – Division 5

Team Colonslash: Shine – Division 4

Team Colonslash: Lemmings – Division 5

Team Colonslash: Fest! – Division 4

Team Colonslash: Classy – Division 4

Don’t forget to submit screenshots if required! Best of luck to everyone for the upcoming season.

Wireplay Season 10

I’d also like to remind teams that although it’s not ‘required’ to play in the Wireplay TF2 season it is highly recommended! So if you fancy entering head on over and sign up by Thursday 19th January.

Team Colonslash: Starcraft

If you’re interested in playing Starcraft 2 as part of a helpful team of 1v1 players then please speak to Zealos.

Team Colonslash: Worms Invite Cup #4

Worms! Worms! Worms! At last it’s the return of our popular(?) TC.Worms Cups. If you are not confirmed for this cup then please speak to myself Oxy within the next few days if you are interested in playing. Still no word as yet on whether our current champion Quotey will be entering so maybe it’s time for a new champion to be crowned!

I think this covers just about everything, as always if you’ve got any questions feel free to ask me over Steam. Good luck and enjoy the season, I hope you get the results that you want.




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