Stats, Maps And Other Facts

Welcome to my first edition of stats, maps and other facts! Here I’m going to take a look at how things are in TC from a statistical point-of-view!


Firstly above you can see the top 12 members based on their time in TC. Below is a bit more info on the top 6:

Spike Himself — Surprise surprise! First joined TC when it was still a lonesome team rather than the awesome community it has become today!

Oxy — Joined as part of the very first team that got picked up into the community; Team Colonslash: Upgrade. Folded 2 weeks(?) later but Spike hasn’t managed to get rid of me since!

Gladdy — Joined as part of Team Colonslash: Classy when they were picked up in August 2011. Later went on to play for both Team Colonslash: Shine and Team Colonslash: Vibes. Currently lurking around TC and we hope he isn’t going anywhere!

Marik — First joined in late 2011 as part of Team Colonslash: Shine. Although it folded in August 2012 Marik stuck around by joining Team Colonslash: Reditio before currently being the roamer for Team Colonslash: Punkka in the absence of  Ducky.

Drackk — Joined Team Colonslash: Reditio in November 2011. Hasn’t moved since! What a legend.

Reservoir Dog — Like Marik he joined in late 2011 as part of Team Colonslash: Shine. Also like Marik he later joined Team Colonslash: Reditio where he currently remains as backup medic for the upcoming season.

Also below is a list of all the TC teams that have ever existed!


Next up lets take a look at the classes that our members ‘main’.


As you can see we currently have 10 main soldiers in our community! Not surprisingly he is followed by scout, medic and demoman. We currently have the least number of pyros, spies and heavies at only 2 each (the mains for the 2 highlander teams).

Now for a couple of more obscure charts; tags & avatars!



A huge 88% of you support us by sporting our tags. 76% of you support us by wearing our avatars, however that number will probably be higher once everybody who has requested one has received them. This means a lot to us, so a massive thanks for that! <3 Lastly I decided to remake a "TC Map" from one of the previous posts which shows the location for the majority of our TC members (I might have missed a couple but I tried my best!). europe-outline-map

Thanks for reading. If you like these kinds of posts let me know in the comments and I will try to do some more!



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