Donations Summary 2013

Hello Everyone!

The final donations post of the year, not only looks at what happened in December, but the year as a whole. It’s been another great year for TC, and I’m really proud to see how it has developed from the very beginning. It has also been a brilliant year for donations, thanks to you all we have raised €286.48 towards the running of the community, which really helps a great deal.

As we stand, at the end of 2013, our donations figures look like this:-

December 2013 To Date
Donations 30.00 286.48 573.09
Paypal Fees (1.37) (13.45) (28.20)
Miscellaneous 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total 28.63 273.03 544.89
Game Server 51.11 640.35 925.89
Web/Mail Server 17.84 214.08 321.12
Miscellaneous 0.00 8.46 8.46
Total 68.95 862.89 1255.47
Net cost: 40.32 589.86 710.58

We are truly very grateful for your support!

Fun facts about 2013 donations:-

  • The average donation amount in 2013 was a hefty €16.85!
  • The month with the highest number of donations was May, with four receipts.
  • The month with the highest amount of donations was March, with a total of €67 received.
  • Since we started accepting donations, 43% of the costs have been covered.

So, once more – thank you very much.  We wish you health, wealth, happiness and lots of TC fun for 2014.  Have fun tonight, and happy new year!



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