TC: Ambition (formerly known as Infected Ambition and Absolutely Liquored) is one of the more recent additions to the TC community. The team is led by Piplup and Sigma, who have been there since the team’s inception, they have been able to help the team climb ranks hastily since it first entered competitive TF2 in the Highlander Open. However, the team has had a few roster shifts from season to season but the team is just as enthusiastic to compete as they ever have been.

Since the team have been around since HLO, the team have managed to amass quite a few trophies in their time.


Kye – Scout
Fenrir – Soldier
Mia – Pyro
PURPLE – Demoman
Sigma – Heavy
Piplup – Engie
Shower Fairy – Medic
Yutas – Sniper
Delouz – Spy


9th Place UGC HL Steel S13
ETF2L Highlander Open Quarter Finalists
Quarter Finalists of ETF2L Experimental Highlander Cup #5: Low Bracket
3rd Place UGC HL Silver S14
3rd Place Division 3A ETF2L S7
Quarter Finalists of Experimental Highlander One-Night-Cup #6: Top Bracket
3rd Place UGC HL Gold S15
15th Place ETF2L High Division S8
11th place in UGC Gold S16