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Synergy join Team Colonslash!

Coolbeans — The TC community is more than happy to welcome the newest addition to our ranks, TC.Synergy! The whole team has been a delightful to be with during their trial period and we can only hope they do the best that they can under our banner. The team managed to perform very well throughout last season, just managing to miss out on [...]

Wheel Of Misfortune Night

Oxy — Wow, unlucky. What is the wheel of misfortune? Simply this; a wheel spins on a stream and decides each players class in turn. Whatever it lands on, you play! No whining, no swapping but plenty of laughs at the medic’s expense. Spots are open initally to TC members only but will then be opened up to friends of TC to fill the gaps. Maximum [...]

TC BBall Cup Results

Tyrone — It seemed like a standard saturday, but nay, it was the day of the TC BBall Cup. 8 daring teams stood and fought to have the honour of being called “TC BBall Champions”! The teams gathered slowly into mumble and the ground rules were set, followed by some pre-game shit-talking, because, let’s be fair, no competition would have its place [...]

TC Ultiduo Cup Wrapup

swellfoop — Oh, hot damn, 4 hours of excitement, explosions and completely impractical high-velocity needleguns? Where were you last weekend?

Preparing for LAN!

swellfoop — Ah, LAN; like a holiday, except you do pretty much exactly what you would be doing if you weren’t there, but with the added benefit of making sure that scrub that you just 1v1’d when he was Jarate’d, Milked and desperately searching for ammo knows that he got REKT. The UK’s biggest LAN event, Multiplay’s Insomnia 52, is just over [...]
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