Community News

TC In-House Ultiduo Cup

Oxy — …and as he launched the medic up into the air, Spike Himself realised that this was his chance to make a huge airshot. Carefully adjusting his aim he could feel time slowly passing by and as his hand nervously shakes he clicked to blast out his last rocket. The rocket that could win the first TC ultiduo cup ever. As [...]

Status update June 2014

Spike Himself — A year ago we announced new future goals for TC. One of the main goals would be to sponsor e-sports teams in various games. We’ve attempted exactly that by creating an ‘e-sports’ branch to co-exist with our established TF2 community, promoting our best TF2 6v6 team into that branch and also recruiting a Dota 2 and a League of Legends [...]

Posts and pages guidelines

Spike Himself — This guide will outline the standards and procedures that apply when you want to add content to our website. Make sure you read and understand everything. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask them. Language If it wasn’t already obvious, our website is in English, and any content we publish will also be in English. At this time we have [...]

Hearthstone Training Event

Spike Himself — Upcoming Hearthstone cup In the last community staff meeting we have introduced Phoenix, who has joined our organisation with the goal of helping us grow. His first project to work towards this goal is running a Hearthstone tournament. In preparation for the very first tournament Phoenix is running with us, we would like to do a test-run that is only available [...]

Presenting Fight Night #4

Oxy — Introducing the fourth instalment of our Fight Night drama! For the first time however, we will be hosting two tournaments in the same evening for twice the fun!

Donations Summary 2013

Lucy — Hello Everyone! The final donations post of the year, not only looks at what happened in December, but the year as a whole. It’s been another great year for TC, and I’m really proud to see how it has developed from the very beginning. It has also been a brilliant year for donations, thanks to you all we have raised €286.48 [...]