TC In-House Ultiduo Cup

…and as he launched the medic up into the air, Spike Himself realised that this was his chance to make a huge airshot. Carefully adjusting his aim he could feel time slowly passing by and as his hand nervously shakes he clicked to blast out his last rocket. The rocket that could win the first TC ultiduo cup ever. As the rocket connects and the medics blood rains down across the map, he realises he has done it. He is a champion.

And then he woke up. However, one part of his dream was in fact a reality; TC is finally hosting its own in-house ultiduo cup!

TC Ultiduo Cup

How do I participate?

  • Find yourself a partner to play with. Choose wisely!
  • Sign up by commenting below with your team name and player names.
  • Download the maps below and check the rules.
  • Make sure to have one person in mumble by 19:45 CEST on the night of the cup otherwise you will be removed!

Rules & Format

  • Registration ends at 19:45 CEST.
  • Will take place on Saturday 19th July 2014, starting at 20 CEST.
  • Initially open to TC members only. Cup is now open to TC & friends of the community. 16 teams max.
  • Groups and then single-elimination tournament. We are hoping each team will play at least 3 games.
  • ETF2L Whitelist is to be used.
  • Unlocks: The Disciplinary Action, The Original, The Blutsauger, The Ubersaw.
  • Winlimit 2 on each game.
  • Servers will be provided.




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