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Next Up with Scissors

reservoir_cat — Everyone told me Highlander team leaders tend to be complete nutcases most of the time, but nobody warned me about this guy. His only term was to meet with me in a local botanical garden, and I thought “why not”, the guy probably likes nature. I kinda expected a soulless ginger with a Gameboy in his hands, but boy was [...]

Next Up with Emilio Estevez

reservoir_cat — Summer is usually a quiet time for European TF2. Players and teams always revise their rosters and their motivations to play. Some drop out, but most say “one more season” and embrace themselves into the thrice blessed hands of Permzilla. Although there are some interesting teams in lower divisions, in the next several weeks we will try and cover the [...]

Next Up with HYS!

reservoir_cat — With Team Fortress 2 being a serious e-sports game, it was really hard to locate our newest interview victim. Because of all the latest premiership drama, HYS went into hiding, trying his best to avoid e-paparazzi. Even the mighty Epsilon family only issued official press releases, refusing to answer any questions regarding their latest roster drama. Thankfully, a good tip [...]

Next Up with Arie!

reservoir_cat — It was an incredibly boring October afternoon, when a certain Dutchman’s fingers double-clicked a TF2 icon for the first time. At exactly 17:29:36 GMT, this handsome Dutchman unknowingly set himself onto a path that will lead him through various pub experiences, gaming communities, personal projects and much more. We caught the Dutchman during what little free time he has, and [...]

Next Up with Drackk :>

reservoir_cat — Welcome to the first part of “Next Up”, a series in which we will seek to provide insight into the gaming community and e-sports in general. This will be through one on one interviews with community members, Team leaders, e-sports celebrities and other notable personalities. For a perfect start to the series we interviewed Drackk:>, leader of our Team Fortress [...]