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Hearthstone Diaries: Day 1, or, Look Who It Is!

Raggy — I’ve never really understood the popularity of Hearthstone. But then, my knowledge of it is quite limited; I know it’s essentially a card game. I know it’s free-to-play. I know it has something to do with the Warcraft universe. That’s all I’ve got, really.

Hearthstone In-House Cup

Phoenix — On Friday the 13th of June 2014, we will be hosting our very own Hearthstone tournament. Kicking off at 19.30 CEST, this tournament is open to anyone in the TC community and will allow you to battle it out in Single Elimination to win the best of three matches.

How to Record Your Hearthstone Games

Phoenix — This guide aims to get you set up to record your Hearthstone game quickly and easily. We will be using OBS in this guide – a very popular tool for live streaming. If you already do or intended to use OBS for streaming and/or recording other games as well, bear in mind that OBS lets you manage multiple Profiles. How [...]