Hearthstone In-House Cup

On Friday the 13th of June 2014, we will be hosting our very own Hearthstone tournament. Kicking off at 19.30 CEST, this tournament is open to anyone in the TC community and will allow you to battle it out in Single Elimination to win the best of three matches.

Goal of this cup

The idea behind this cup is to gather feedback and help us refine the process of running a cup. This cup *will* have issues and a variety of things *will* go wrong. Your “task” is to give us as much feedback as possible so as to make sure we do not run into any major issues next time.

Things we would like to hear about during and after the cup include but are not limited to:

  • Was it easy to sign up?
  • Did you know who to play against?
  • Was reporting results a chore?
  • Were the rules unclear?
  • etc.


  • Introduction on mumble: 13th of June, 19.00 CEST
  • Sign up deadline: 13th of June, 19.15 CEST
  • Brackets go-live: 13th of June, 19.20 CEST
  • Start of round 1: 13th of June, 19.30 CEST
  • Finals: Depends on sign-ups.


We have set up some rules for you to follow, they can be found here. Again, the the goal of this in-house cup is to find issues and to gather feedback in order to refine those rules, so bear that in mind!


For those who would like their games casted, we will need a recording from both players’ perspectives. Recording your game is not required to enter the tournament, but we would love coverage from as many players as possible to generate some content for the website. If you would like to have a game casted but you’re unsure about how to record a video, please refer to this guide. Please do feel free to contact Phoenix on steam or via e-mail: phoenix at team-colonslash dot eu for any questions you have.

Signing up

In order to sign up for this cup, click the sign up button in the sidebar widget (which will appear only if you are logged in).

Please note: Due to technical issues, the popup will not automatically close or give any feedback. Once you have signed up, you will have to close the popup manually. We are currently working with the author of the plugin to resolve this issue.


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