League of Legends News

Future of Voiceless Summoners

reservoir_cat — Ever since the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (a.k.a. “MOBA“) genre entered the gaming industry scene, there has been a certain “mantra” surrounding it; the one about the high number of toxic players in the communities. True, due to the “free to play” model that the most popular games in the genre offer, the gaming communities now witness a massively increased [...]

Preparing for LAN!

swellfoop — Ah, LAN; like a holiday, except you do pretty much exactly what you would be doing if you weren’t there, but with the added benefit of making sure that scrub that you just 1v1’d when he was Jarate’d, Milked and desperately searching for ammo knows that he got REKT. The UK’s biggest LAN event, Multiplay’s Insomnia 52, is just over [...]

Embrace the MOBAs

reservoir_cat — A few quiet months are behind us, but don’t fret, don’t be scared, we are still here! Not only are we alive and kicking, we have some exciting news for you!