Preparing for LAN!

Ah, LAN; like a holiday, except you do pretty much exactly what you would be doing if you weren’t there, but with the added benefit of making sure that scrub that you just 1v1’d when he was Jarate’d, Milked and desperately searching for ammo knows that he got REKT. The UK’s biggest LAN event, Multiplay’s Insomnia 52, is just over a month away, so it’s time we sort out our line-ups. Read on for tasty nuggets of information, laced with the spicy aroma of an enticing deal.

Aim for the top

i52; where teams of keen nerds put aside their differences, form alliances and compete in a veritable reckoning, with the ultimate goal of being crowned King of the Nerds! Or something. I haven’t been. BUT YOU COULD! Team Colonslash members from across Europe are going to be attending and competing in various games, both under LAN team status, as well as playing as representatives of the community.

Recently we were approached by rising superstar Demoman, kr4tos, with the prospect of forming a LAN team under the Team Colonslash name, going on to keep the community’s standard in ETF2L’s premiership division next season. Naturally, we are thrilled at the opportunity to support him and his teammates, and we wish them luck as the new TC Big Boys’ Club (RIP TC Reditio).

The Team Colonslash LAN team will consist of:

  • kr4tos (Demoman)
  • RazorsEdge (Scout)
  • WalKeR (Pocket Soldier)
  • TBA (Scout)
  • TBA (Roaming Soldier)
  • TBA (Medic)

Unfortunately, this all happened a few days after being able to secure TC shirts for the team, but I am sure that we could get them some grey and orange socks, or draw the TC logo on their cheeks with Biro as a compromise.

Community team(s)

At this point, you must be asking yourself, “Hey, I am a member of TC, but I have not yet ascended through the pearly gates of division 1 and been welcomed to frag noobs with other corporeal beings. Does this mean that I will miss out on all of that Local Area video gaming fun?” Short answer, no. Long answer, hell no. Several community members are wending their way to Coventry and shall be joining forces as a community team, making sure that the TC name brings equal parts fear and titillation to anybody fortunate enough to watch them play. I, for one, hope that they work out some sort of victory dance, and will be severely disappointed if they have not already.

Though who plays which class is as of yet undecided, the team will consist of:

  • Spike Himself
  • Henghast
  • Fallen
  • TurboTabs
  • Will
  • Avinil
  • hpqoeu

Nobody likes the word ‘traitor,’ and I guess if you don’t have anything nice to say then zip it. These fine gentlemen will be at LAN, but playing under the banner of other teams:

  • Drackk (Team No Tidehunter)
  • Marik (Team Get This Done)

What if you read the first section of this post and said everything that the above people said, but from the mindset of a DOTA 2 player? Be not disheartened, as Team Colonslash is an all-encompassing beast, and is happy to back these guys when they’re getting their DOTA on:

  • Zealos
  • Video Dame
  • MouldyJeb

Finally, League of Legends is wriggling its way delightfully into our hearts to complete our trio of video games, played by:

  • Lauflaufa
  • Alpersa

Team Colonslash and friends will be seated on the Lower Ground Floor, Hal 3/4/5, in rows LG-Y (1-12) and LG-X (1-11). Come say hi and have a chat with us!




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