Frosties is the most recent addition to the Team Colonslash community. Previously known as ERMEHGURD, the team have been competing in ETF2L since the Highlander Open and have been climbing the tables ever since. During that time however there have been quite a few roster changes with only Coolbeans being part of the team for the entire time it has been around however Teakay has returned from the original HLO roster. The team is led by Coolbeans and Moist who hope to take the team as far as it can go.


Scout Coolbeans
Soldier Included_Middle
Pyro BigT
Demoman Vornami
Heavy Moist
Engineer Teakay, Spatio
Medic Mark, Fenix
SniperAuthor, Quarkii
Spy Shadowfire
All Round Sub(s) Nolove


Round 2 of the Highlander Open
1st Place ETF2L Highlander S7 Division 5A
Semi Finalists of ETF2L Experimental Highlander Cup #5: Low Bracket
13th Place ETF2l Highlander S8 Mid Division
Quarter Finalists of the RETF2 Highlander Cup