League of Legends

Embrace the MOBAs

A few quiet months are behind us, but don’t fret, don’t be scared, we are still here! Not only are we alive and kicking, we have some exciting news for you!

Most of you know it’s no secret that Team Colonslash is working hard on branching out our growing community into other games, and since February we are proud to have a DOTA 2 team in our ranks. During the same time, we were approached by another group of gamers who come from the other side of the MOBA spectrum. Although our (near) future expansion originally didn’t involve other MOBA games, we couldn’t resist an offer from Lauflaufa, leader of our League of Legends team. Having a team in one of the most popular e-sports games in the world is definitely a bold step forward for Team Colonslash and we have every reason to believe in Lauflaufa and his gang:

  • Lauflaufa (Captain, AD Carry)
  • Godspeed (Top lane)
  • xmasterthief (Support)
  • nDay (Jungle)
  • musics (Middle lane)

Now that we have a stable roster we feel that its important to work on our synergy and communication, so we are going to play a lot of games with each other in the near future and I hope that in a month’s time we will be able to compete in some of the online League of Legends tournaments out there and stand a good chance at getting at least top 10. One of our biggest strenghts so far, is that we have been able to hold on to our games even if they are not going well, and fight our way back into it and win in the end. Another one of our strengths is that we think alike, so even if we freeze up in the moment while we concentrate on making a play, we still confidently perform as if we had perfect communication and actually do what the others expect of us.
Lauflaufa, captain of Team Colonslash: LoL

Seeing how our new team shows a lot of confidence, we can be highly optimistic about their future progress. Good luck and have fun!


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