Hearthstone Diaries: Day 1, or, Look Who It Is!

I’ve never really understood the popularity of Hearthstone. But then, my knowledge of it is quite limited; I know it’s essentially a card game. I know it’s free-to-play. I know it has something to do with the Warcraft universe. That’s all I’ve got, really.

Even more mind-boggling was my discovery that people actually spend hours watching others playing this thing. Now, I have to begin by admitting I’m not exactly an e-sports fanatic. In fact, I don’t watch any e-sports at all. I enjoy gaming, but I can’t say I’m attracted to being the passive recipient of someone else’s frenetic clicking for control over an arena, especially as I don’t play games like LoL and DOTA. So the prospect of watching someone else play Hearthstone sounded about as fun to me as watching my Nan play Bridge with her friends.

Clearly, I am therefore entirely unqualified to write about Hearthstone in any capacity. I am probably your worst woman for the job. I am about as useful as Terry Wogan commentating on a Starcraft game. So what am I doing here?

This, my friend, is the beginning of a journey. The intimate account of a self-proclaimed noob’s adventures into the world of Hearthstone. And I will promise you one thing and one thing only: I will be brutally, unashamedly honest. Even if there are things I absolutely hate about this game (likely). Even if I am, and persist to be, extremely sucky at this game (very likely). Even if my ineptitude is embarrassing beyond any self-respecting writer’s wish to publish: all will be disclosed.

So make sure you swing by each week to see how I’m getting on. Feel free to offer any useful tips and hints in the comments below. Or scathing abuse. Whatever takes your fancy, really.


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