Synergy join Team Colonslash!

The TC community is more than happy to welcome the newest addition to our ranks, TC.Synergy! The whole team has been a delightful to be with during their trial period and we can only hope they do the best that they can under our banner.

The team managed to perform very well throughout last season, just managing to miss out on the playoffs in Open by a map’s worth of points. Before this, they also managed to clinch a 3rd place spot in the Experimental Highlander One-Night-Cup #6 sponsored by in the low bracket. From a relatively fresh-faced team this is certainly an achievement for its players, who can be seen below:

Main Lineup

Engineer:  JohSko
Scout:  Ivan
Soldier:  AwditaS
Heavy:  Chandos
Pyro:  Xell  
Demo:  Deepfried Monkey
Medic:  Bank
Sniper: fIRE
Spy:  Emiel


Engineer: Erupo
Scout:  Pacifst
Soldier:  VoidTrinity
Heavy:  Georgebaii
Pyro: MasterOfDisaster
Sniper:  Rot and  Seal
Spy:  Vinegar

The head of the team is Chandos, leader of the European Mix League (EUML) project. We managed to have a chat with him for a bit about his expectations for next season and how he’s feeling about the team at the moment.

Q. How do you think ETF2L S8 went for you guys?

A. The season certainly had its ups and downs, the team was a tad disorganised throughout the first few games. Our first match didn’t go very well for us, shattering the confidence we had built up over the pre-season. However, we managed to get through the rest of the season with only one other defeat, so I think it went pretty well for us for a debut season. After that first match, we definitely picked up on our mistakes and began to enjoy the games a bit more.

Q. Any predictions on how you think you’re going to do in ETF2L S9?

We’re hoping to do very well in mid this season. We’ve beaten mid teams pretty consistently since the end of S8. Our new additions Deepfried Monkey and fIRE have certainly been of a very good use to us. Putting Ivan on as main scout certainly boosted our flank quite a lot as well.

Q. Who do you think stood out last season for synergy?

A. Tiddles was certainly a fantastic engie for us. He’s a great guy but he’s now moved on to playing csgo. Rot was a really skilled player as well, considering that it was his first season in highlander. Overall, I can’t really pick out one player because I think that everyone did really, really well. We certainly did the best we possibly could with players who were new to competitive as well as new to highlander and we improved very, very quickly.

Q. How would you describe your team’s playstyle?

A. We like to vary our strategies a lot, we play a very combo oriented style where we leave them to do the objective play with our flank more trying to create space than do anything else. Our demo is incredibly aggressive so our pyro and I certainly play a lot more of a passive role to defend our medic.

Q. Any shoutouts?

A. Shoutout to everyone at the TC community and everyone who plays for synergy now or have done in the past, we wouldn’t be where we are now without you!

Once again, we wish Synergy a great time with us here at TC, however, we’d love to have even more players become part of the community. If you’re interested at all in playing some games with us whether it be TF2, Hearthstone, CSGO or anything else, please feel free to drop by our mumble channel, where the IP address and port are and 10022.



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