In the month of September…

Time for a general update on the happenings of the past month and what the near future holds.

Some new faces… and some old ones too!

A couple of months have passed since the departure of two of our teams, but we are glad to finally announce their successors!

Replacing the old “TC.Reditio” line-up as our new flagship Team Fortress 2 team are:
Ramagan as Medic
Kounna as Demoman
Lippy & kr4tos as Soldiers
Thalash & Ed. as Scouts

We are also delighted to announce our new community TF2 team, Team Colonslash: Offblast. They are:
Marten as Medic
Lotek as Demoman
Tyrone & Jae as Soldiers
Grenjabob & Derotzka as Scouts
Aubriac as Backup

Along with these two new sides we’ve also had a few additions to our existing teams:
BaaBo as Spy for Team Colonslash: Storm
Bennyboy as Pyro backup for Team Colonslash: Crash
Chan as Scout for Team Colonslash: Crash
Evilevil as Heavy for Team Colonslash: Crash
Raptor00X as Engineer for Team Colonslash: Storm

Last but not least, Blinkz joins our community as a casual Dota 2 player.

Upcoming Events

It has been a while since we have had any events for the lovely people of TC so we’ve got a double-header of fun to look forward to in the coming weeks!

In-house Team Colonslash Bball Cup

Saturday 27th September @ 20.00 CEST

It’s time for BBall again! We will be running it in the standard format of 2v2 with a maximum of 8 teams participating. Double-elimination will also ensure everyone gets to play at least 2 games.
To sign up, post both players’ names below (and team name if you have one).
If you don’t have a partner but want to play, also post your name below, and we will try to pair you up with someone.

If you have any questions, add Tyrone by clicking here.

Quake Live Fun Night

Saturday 4th October @ 20 CEST

A lot of people have recently been suggesting we do something quake-related after its recent release on Steam. Well, we have listened, and there will be a dedicated Quake night! Details will come closer to the time.
Quake-Live is F2P and can be downloaded on Steam by clicking here.

That’s all for now!



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