New Server Policy!

TC server usage policy as of June 28, 2012 :>

  • We no longer have 5 million servers; only 4 remain – that’s for 3 teams plus a spare one.
  • Our servers are not for lending out (anymore). They are to be used by TC members only.
  • Doing a mix on our servers is fine of course, so long as you possess the rcon password.
  • Only team leaders have been given rcon passwords (and FTP access so that they can change it (they should)).
  • It’s the team leaders’ responsibility with whom they share the passwords.
  • We do not appreciate installing additional plugins on our servers. You get FTP access to edit your password, upload maps, download logs, etc. Not to abuse the shit out of the poor thing.

Any questions/comments/suggestions -> Message Spike.


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