I arrived at Telford on Thursday with Nymthae (who politely said hello with a jab in the back with her umbrella…). Unfortunately the event was behind schedule and there was no internet up until 6pm. This meant that we had time to kill and it was straight to the bar where Turbo was already busy making contacts and 9m were busy drinking. Drackk showed up not long after and sat down with us. He then proceeded to pull out his DS and start playing Pokemon like a true anti-social nerd! Oh and I forgot to mention, he’d left his father in the car with his equipment whilst he came in to the bar to talk to us!

Beers were in and the party was starting. Setup took no time at all and Drackk’s dad was a true legend. Was a little strange he knew my first name before I’d even spoken to him. Sounds exactly like Drackk too. Wonder if he cannot words?

Drackk and Turbo soon had me cringing. Turbo damn near scared the shit out of me when I turned around and he was sporting hat and monocle and looking at me like a manic rapist. Thankfully no touching, but the staring was pretty creepy anyway. Please stop that Turbo. Drackk got in on the hat act and showed off his self made Dr Dapper’s Topper! Which was pretty cool in a very nerdy way.

Photos on day1

The first games were due to start on the second day at 14:00. So we drank, laughed and played games until after 3am. Turned out the weather thought it’d be funny to snow on us. A solid foot of snow freshly dropped on the first bloody day! Imagine dragging a suitcase big enough for your tower across that! I had so much snow dragged along with me on the way to the Uni at 3am I could’ve made a snowman army!

Games the next day started with the group stages, being seeded third meant that we were placed with the number 1 seed in group 1.

Group 1
Pirate Radio and the Black Man

t-t-Team Colonmen



The first game was due to be the most difficult as we were due to go straight up against PRatBG. First game cast of the LAN to boot! Unfortunately they were missing players until late in the day and we were offered a forfeit win. We decided to be nice though and agreed to play during down time (1hr between matches and we both expected to have games over well before the 30 min mark).

So we had Crazy to play on Viaduct and T-A on snakewater http://www.twitch.tv/vanillatv/c/2059907 neither game was exactly strenuous.

Move on to the first match and off we go vs PRatBG. Badlands and a good start. Surprised a lot of people by winning middles and getting a lot of positive comments once the casters stopped providing excuses for the opposing team which was a little insulting. We’d all had the same travel and it’s weak to have casters give excuses to prem players for losing middles and 1v1s to Div2-5 mix teams.

Groups ended as you’d expect with PRatBG top and t-TCm second. TA took 3rd and Crazy finished bottom of the group without picking up a point unfortunately for them and Turbo.

PRatBG                           Reverend War

t-TCm                              Team Queef

Which meant we had to play the number 2 seed to progress to the upper bracket. Again we were major underdogs but Snowie went huge a number of times and the general team play was very good.

And again we have to play PRatBG! This time on Gullywash, it didn’t go particularly well unfortunately.

That ended the days games. A little dissapointing but really the only major difference was Kaidus.

Onto Saturday and we had to play War’s team again. The VODs have been uploaded to youtube now. Apparently they were very good spectator games. At one point Pledge claimed to would go down in history as one of the best, Best of three games of all time!

Oh and if you want to, you can find POV vods from Fallen and War which include Fallen’s… comms.

Left to Right :

Henghast, Snowie, Nymthae, Fallen, Drackk, Permzilla.

Prizes: Mousemat x1, 4GB USB Stick x1, 1kg of Haribo, Black Lanyard x1 and of course £150 split six ways.



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