New server :o

Our friends at OVH (our trusty server provider), have released their new range of dedicated servers. The new version of the server we have to host our TF2 servers on is about 3 times as powerful and equally expensive. We’ll be purchasing this one and (after a successful switchover) ditching our old one. This has a few consequences:

– We will have double server costs for 1 or 2 months while the new one is being set up (if you ever wanted to donate, this is a good time! :D)
– Our Mumble and TF2 servers may be ‘down’ for a day or so after the setup is complete and we link the domains to the new server’s IP
– Things may or may not break and servers may be in for additional downtime

When is the downtime? As soon as the new dedi is up and running, whenever that may be. I’ll keep you updated!


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