How to run a TC Event

Howdy! In this short guide I thought I’d share how TC Events should be run. Anyone in TC can run an event so if you’ve got some spare time at some point why not put it to good use for the community!

Note: Below is not the only way to do run an event. This is a guide created from the events I’ve ran and discovered problems where things have gone wrong, I want to prevent others from making the same mistakes!

Firstly we must ask ourselves “Why run an event for TC?”. There are many reasons, such as:

  • Future sponsorship; In the future TC might attempt to make deals with sponsors. Having regular events and posts on the website make us look like a more professional and active community and therefore looks more appealing to them.
  • It’s fun!; Some of the best moments I have had in TC have been during some of the events whether it be a heavy boxing tournament or a L4D evening.
  • Community bonding; In particular when new teams have signed up with TC it’s always good to have some events to get them involved with the community and meeting those outside of their own team.

With these things in mind, there are many pitfalls that must be considered when organising an event. Here is a chronological order of how events can be run:

  1. Decide on an event. There are again many things to consider when deciding on an event. Constantly asking questions such as ‘Is this event going to have limited spaces?’ or ‘Is this event going to be inclusive of all members of the community?‘ can help decide on a good event choice. Consider mainly events to do with TF2 so that everyone has a chance to participate although other popular games amongst the community can also work (Dota, L4D, CS:GO & Worms for example).
  2. Decide on a date and time. Although its always fun to randomly point your finger at a calendar (I did that the first time lol) and choose that date it is far from the best way to do things. Firstly you need to consider the nights on which our teams practice and have officials. For example, if anyone contacts me I can tell you exactly when we intend to play. The other team leaders are also more than happy to let you know if you ask. The time is also an important thing to consider. Try to have the event finish at a reasonable time; people generally hang about afterwards anyway if they can but some might need to leave earlier. One last thing to consider is any other events going on amongst the community; generally its pointless having 2 events in the same weekend for example.
  3. Decide the specifics of the event. Some events won’t require this step but for tournaments you will need to decide on some rules so that the event can run smoothly.
  4. Make a newspost on the website. If you haven’t got access to make posts either request access to do so or ask Spike/Me/Drackk/Reservoir to do so for you. Include all the information decided above; the date, time and event specifics.
  5. Bug people. I’m sure that some people get annoyed at me bugging them (:D) but it truly is the best way to ensure that everyone is invited and no-one gets left out. Make a list of people in TC if it helps and contact them to ask if they are interested. If they say no, leave them be of course. If you don’t have time ask the TC leaders to invite their players to the event. Lastly ensure you update mumble with a comment since people visit it everyday!
  6. Turn up early. Be about and if necessary ask people on steam if they can start heading to mumble.
  7. Run the event. It’s certainly the best bit! Enjoy yourself!
  8. Make a wrap-up newspost. Not all events will need this but its nice for those who were unable to attend to see how it went. Also more website content so yey!
  9. Ask people for feedback. I always ask people what they thought of the events I’ve ran afterwards so I get an idea of what they like and didn’t like so I can improve them for the community next time.

I hope this post might convince people that it’s not so hard to run an event in TC. They really are good fun and help bring the community together. If you need any help with anything feel free to ask Spike/Me/Drackk/Reservoir for help.



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