Community Guidelines

This guide represents the “rules of TC”. We are nice folks, so we don’t have many rules, but we do care about the few rules we do have.

Tags and avatars

Tags & avatars are very important to us; they show your commitment and willingness to be in the community. We ask you to wear them for the majority of the time. Obviously if you change your name to ‘MY TURTLE HAS DIED‘ for a few days we won’t complain, but if you persistently don’t wear it you will be nudged accordingly. Avatar guidelines can be found here soon.
To request an avatar, speak to your team leader; he/she will then make contact with our designer.


Our mumble is free for all to use, including the public. All leaders will have admin powers for mumble and other TC members may also have them if they have a good reason for needing it. Admin privileges are exactly that; a privilege. Any nonsense with it will result in it being permanently removed from you.

Any mumble admin may ban annoying members of the public (fortunately this is a rare occurrence), but only if you feel it is necessary. An example of when a ban would be needed is if someone repeatedly joins your mumble channel and talks/scream/shouts when you have asked them not to do it.


We are fortunate to have a number of servers available for our teams use. Each Team Fortress 2 team has their own server.

Only team leaders receive their server’s rcon password. There will not be FTP access nor a control panel for our servers. Experience has thought us that our servers are of a high enough standard of quality that none of these things have any use.
It is the team leader’s responsibility that the server is kept in good shape. We advise not to share the rcon password with anyone outside your own team (or within your own team for that matter).
Our servers are not for lending out to non-TC members for whatever reason.
If you feel your server has been used without permission, speak to anyone in the staff (as listed on the About page on this website).

Servers should be treated with care. Please do not mess with settings if you are unaware of what they do, since it can cause problems for us to fix.

Source TV demos

Our SourceTV demos can be found on our online STV archive:
The demos will be there the moment a game is finished. Only tournament games are recorded.
Tournament logs are uploaded automatically to


Please remember that you are representing an entire group of people when you do nearly anything TF2 related. In general just use your brain; try to be sportsmanlike where possible, try not to be a moron and make abusive comments in game or outside it (i.e. on the ETF2L forums). Abusive comments towards other teams will be taken seriously and may just result in your team being removed from the community.

TC has a history of taking initiative where others slack, and remaining calm where others would spout verbal abuse. Please don’t ruin our good name.

Try to get involved with the community as much as possible in order to get the most out of your time with us. We usually run community events about once a month normally. If you have any ideas for community events that you would like to run yourself or would like someone else to run then please speak to Oxy, Drackk or Spike and we’ll see what can be arranged just go for it. You can speak to any staff member for any resources you might need (such as website access to publish news posts, etc.).

Thanks for being with us!