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Preparing for LAN!

swellfoop — Ah, LAN; like a holiday, except you do pretty much exactly what you would be doing if you weren’t there, but with the added benefit of making sure that scrub that you just 1v1’d when he was Jarate’d, Milked and desperately searching for ammo knows that he got REKT. The UK’s biggest LAN event, Multiplay’s Insomnia 52, is just over [...]

Representing Our Nations…

Oxy — With the Highlander Nations Cup fast approaching on ETF2L the captains have now been selected for each of the countries participating in the tournament. One of our recent additions to the community Toba will be leading Finland. Between his busy summer work schedule and TF2 life I managed to squeeze a few words out of him.

What is it Good For? Discussing the Latest Nerfs with WARHURYEAH!

swellfoop — 3… 2… 1… It’s out! And it’s beautiful! It is 1am GMT on June 18th and I am currently enthralled by a lovingly crafted Source Filmmaker short featuring everything that we have come to expect from, and love about, Valve. Action! Excitement! Romance! Bread..! This is shaping up to be one hell of an unexpected update, and now we wait…

Abstraction of the 6v6 metagame

Spike Himself — This guide is aimed at players and teams new to 6v6, and will attempt to explain the very basics of what makes the 6v6 metagame tick. It will mostly be abstract and require the reader to give implementation to the various points mentioned, but there are some practical examples to illustrate a point here and there.

ESA cups!

Spike Himself — In the week ahead, ESA is hosting a number of TF2 cups: Ozone Open Cup #2 on Sunday, July 14 @ 14.00 CEST P2P Ultiduo cup with £4 buy-in on Monday, July 15 @ 19.30 CEST 8 slot P2P tournament for 6v6 with £6 buy-in on Wednesdday, July 17 @ 19.00 CEST More info can be found on their website (links above), and on [...]


Henghast — I arrived at Telford on Thursday with Nymthae (who politely said hello with a jab in the back with her umbrella…). Unfortunately the event was behind schedule and there was no internet up until 6pm. This meant that we had time to kill and it was straight to the bar where Turbo was already busy making contacts and 9m were [...]